my new hat

Check out this brand new hat I got from Wowee.co.de, its two-ply comforter will totally keep me warm in the winter months, and it only cost €14 (About $21 for you guys). I hope it'll do all that the website says! The site might be down since its so popular but you might want to keep checking!



J-Signal said...

Ooh, it looks so cool, and it's a good price, too! I want one. :o

Anonymous said...

You might call it a hat-amari :)

Vincent said...

lol You hope the hat does everything the web site says? What does it say? Each bulb is a pocket to store nuts and if you insert a quarter it allows for the wear's levitation? lol... that would be one kick ass hat. GToo bad winter is over, that two-ply can't save you now!

haha But yeah that's one awesome looking hat you ordered there. You should post a picture up of you wearing it.