almost there

Many of these are old!

This is from...earlier this year

This is from maaaybe last year.

Same with this one.

This is from earlier this year at a party.

About a year ago.

2004 art class.

From a school paper 2001.

Pretty much all my school papers ever look like this.

Imaginary life drawing. Earlier this year.

Something I was drawing with my friend Robert in class once. 2002


Vincent said...

man, you're so cool! I think you posted a picture twice.
You remind me of.... I mean this one guy reminds me of you. Inkmo you two are my heroes when it comes to art!

Voln said...

Oh lordy you're right! I WILL FIX THAT

And I am quite honored! You are my art rival! >:D

Let said...

The dragon one is my fave :3