family time

A telephone I saw outside. It wasn't connected to anything.

Drawn on my friend Demonet's DS with a neat little drawing program utilizing pressure sensitivity.

The Deadly Hyrax is multiplying.

Deadly Hyrax asks the eternal question.

A Halloween baby bib. I found it on the ground all grimy and wet. Creepy!

I didn't post on time again! :(


Vincent said...

you may not have posted on time but you sure posted a lot!! I'm sure that's makes up for the lost day.

What would you have done if the phone rang when you walked up to it?

fieldghost said...

If you pick up that phone you talk to the last person who picked up that phone. Or something like that.

Voln said...

Vincent, I would have died.

Fieldghost, that would have been creepy yet cool!